1. Rates.

    Our rates vary depending on the special offers available throughout the year. The rates quoted on our web site are always the ones valid for the season you have chosen. We have a very aggressive rates policy and if you find a cheaper rate for a similar car for the same dates and destination, please let us know using our online form, and we will do all we can to improve on it. (goback)

  2. What's included?

    The rate includes unlimited mileage, taxes, insurance and optional child seats or boaster cushions. Luggage racks cost an additional Euro 2 per day. (goback)

  3. What's not included?

    The rate does not include petrol or diesel. You must return the car with the same amount of petrol as when you picked it up. (goback)

  4. Can I change islands?

    Our cars must not be removed from the island where they are hired from. You remove your car at your own risk as our insurance does not cover this and you must pay for all the costs involved including transfer to the other island and back. If you need to change islands, please CONTACT US using our online form and we will study each individual case. (goback)

  5. Requirements.

    In order to hire or drive a car with us you must be over 23 years old, be in possession of a valid driving licence which must be at least 2 years old, have a valid credit or debit card and make a booking.(goback)

  6. Duration of car hire.

    Our cars can be hired for any length of time from up to one hour in advance. However, the minimum contract is for 1 day and the maximum is for 1 month. If you hire a car for less than 1 day we will draw up a 1 day contract and if you hire it for more than 1 month we will draw up a contract for 1 month and then contracts for consecutive months.(goback)

  7. How far in advance should I book?

    You can book your car online as little as 12 hours in advance. If you need less time, please call our central bookings service on (+34) 922 260 200 or contact one of our offices directly (see "Offices")(goback)

  8. Minimum age to be able to drive a car.

    You must be at least 23 years old. You must also be in possession of a valid driving licence to be able to drive in Spain and this must be at least 2 years old.(goback)

  9. Method of payment.

    Payment is by credit or debit card. You will be asked to present your card when you pick up your vehicle not when making your booking.(goback)

  10. Credit and debit cards.

    It is not necessary to give your card details when making your booking, however it will be required when you pick up your vehicle. This is the only payment method we accept. We accept all major credit and debit cards. (goback)

  11. Taxes.

    The local IGIC tax (Canary Island VAT), airport taxes etc are all included in the rate.(goback)

  12. Additional driver.

    For bookings made online, the cost of an additional driver is FREE and this person must comply with the same conditions as the main driver. These details must be provided when drawing up the contract.(goback)

  13. Child seats, booster seats, roof racks.

    These seats will be provided free-of-charge as requested with online bookings. Luggage racks cost Euro 2 per day. All our seats and racks are endorsed and comply with European safety standards. (goback)

  14. Type of car.

    Our fleet includes more than 25 different models of car, classified into groups. We will endeavour to provide you with the model you have requested. Should this not be possible, we will provide you with another model from the same group or from the next group up at no extra charge.(goback)

  15. Insurance.

    All compulsory insurance is included in the hire price. These are collision damage waiver (CDW), car theft (TP), personal accident insurance (PAI) and third party damage. Damage to tyres and rims, fines, loss or damage to keys and using the incorrect fuel are not included. (goback)

  16. Offices

    We have offices inside the arrivals terminals of the airports of Tenerife (North: 34-922-262202, South:34-922-392216), Lanzarote (34-928-846255), Gran Canaria(34-678-314396) y Fuerteventura (34-928-860583).Additionally, we have offices in the main tourist centers of these islands. You can see an extensive list of offices, with their addresses, which can be accessed from our p & aacute; main page.
    Tenemos oficinas en los aeropuertos de Tenerife (Norte: 34-922-262202, Sur:34-922-392216), Lanzarote (34-928-846255), Gran Canaria(34-928-574744) y Fuerteventura (34-928-860760). Adicionalmente contamos con oficinas en los principales centros turísticos de estas islas. Puede ver un listado extensivo de las oficinas, con sus direcciones, al cual puede acceder desde nuestra página principal.(goback)

  17. Privacy policy.

    Your details are held in strict confidence according to the most stringent security measures. They are only used to process your booking and to offer you the best service when you come to collect your vehicle.(goback)

  18. Secure communication.

    Some web sites use coded information to pass on private information such as credit card details. This is not a danger when making your booking online with us as we do not ask for your credit card details. We do not ask you for any information that cannot be found in the telephone directory.(goback)

  19. Cancelling a booking.

    If you wish to cancel a booking, you may call us at (+34)922-260200, or send us an email message to bookings®, from the same address you used in your booking request. Please include your full name, booking number, pick up office and the dates you had reserved. There are no costs for cancellations, but we thank you for telling that you will not use the car, as it will help us to serve better other clients. (goback)

  20. Hotels.

    Our rental contracts begin and end at our offices. We do not deliver cars to hotels or homes where we do not have an office, nor are cars to be returned to these places. This is due to the limitations of our aggressive rates policy.(goback)

  21. What if I need help?

    You can contact any of our OFFICES where we will be happy to help you. When you pick up your vehicle you will be given documentation including these phone numbers.(goback)

  22. Other questions.

    If we have not answered your questions here, please send us a message to reservas® and we will be happy to help you.(goback)